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In this part of my page, you will find different stuff related to Mortal Kombat, created by me or friends who want to put their files here.

MK5 3D logo animation This is a almost the same animation as the last one but this time it is in 3D. I know that the jumping edges don't look too beautiful but it was quite a hard work.
Created by: Flo-Sub
Date added: 06/02/2001
Download: MPG movie (560 KB), AVI movie (1.31 MB, better look)

MK5 animation logo This is a MK5 logo animation, which morphs from the Mortal Kombat dragon logo to the number five and back to the dragon.
Created by: Flo-Sub
Date added: 04/02/2001
Download: AVI file (1.03 MB)

If you want to send some pictures, animations or other stuff to me, or if you have new ideas, please write an e-mail to me.