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After a very long time back again! May 5, 2001
After a long time of not updating MK5 Polls, I did really found some time to make something. Until the end of June, I will hardly have any time because of my studies, so don't await updates so often. This time I have added a new poll which deals with all ninjas in the MK games. You can't vote for Sub-Zero or Scorpion because they would be the first choice.
Then there are some minor updates on my page: The New Polls and the Old Polls section are now in one Polls section, so that it is more clear. I have added an Awards part, where you can see, which awards MK5 Polls has won. Finally, there is also a new information section, which will be full of general information about the page.

Vote for MK5 Polls! April 8, 2001

Click the image above to vote for MK5 Polls at UMKR's Top Ten Mortal Kombat Sites contest! (The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Realm)

Poll about MKC characters added! April 08, 2001
Many of the characters, who appeared in the TV show MK Conquest, already had an appearance in a MK game (for example Quan Chi, Kung Lao, Reiko, Scorpion). Do you think some of the others (like Vorpax, Siro, Taja) shall be in the next MK game or do you think that it would screw up the MK storyline too much? Thanks to Smoke_Rulz for this poll idea!

CGI-script for links section! April 08, 2001
I've finally written a cgi-script in perl, which lets me update the links section more easily. So, if you think that a page deserves a better or a worse rating, just tell me and I'll look at (and maybe change it). By the way, I've already added a MK music/sound rating for all pages in my links list.

Now I will tell you how my rating system works:
Every page gets one to five points at each category.
5 points5 points (best)
4 points4 points
3 points3 points
2 points2 points
1 point1 point (which means that nothing of this category is on the page, e.g. 1 point in fan fiction means that there is no fan fiction at all at this page)
The overall value is being calculated with a weighted average (if you can call it like that). The formula for this calculation is:
layout/stucture * 1.0
+ update rate * 1.1
+ MK5 info * 1.0
+ MK games * 1.0
+ MK music/sound * 0.7
+ fan art/graphics * 0.8
+ fan fiction * 0.6
+ MK TV/movies * 0.8
+ message board * 0.9
+ other MK stuff * 0.8

New poll about Raiden added! April 02, 2001
Probably, you have seen Raiden's ending in MK4/Gold, where he passes his former position on to Fujin, who now takes the role as defender of earth realm. Of course, that doesn't have to mean that there is no Raiden in MK5 (although he might be an Elder God at the moment). Would you like to see him again as playable character or as something else?

New links section! April 02, 2001
After adding some new links to the links section, I thought about ratings for each page. I have reviewed all pages in my links list and rated everyone in nine categories (what I thought that could be important on a Mortal Kombat page). Please tell me (chat, message board or e-mail), what you think about the new links section.

1,000 visitors since January March 25, 2001
Since the counter has been added to MK5 Polls, 1,000 people have visited this site. In the meantime, some things have changed. A message board and a chatroom were added, there is a section called "MK Stuff" and many links were added. MK5 Polls has also been added to some search engines, here are some examples: (this is an open directory project which is used by many search engines)
and many others...

MK5 Polls has also been added to many link lists of other pages, here are some examples:
Dave's MK
MK City
Smoke_Rulzīs Mortal Kombat Realm
and here too, a lot of others...

Because of having 1,000 visitors in less than three months, I decided to make a new layout and now I've put it up (you can only view it with Microsoft Internet Explorer, with any other browser you'll be redirected to the old menu). Not much has changed but the menu has been optimized, so that it doesn't take too long to download. I hope that you like it!

Poll about Liu Kang added! March 21, 2001
Sterolizer really has some great ideas for polls! This time it's about the champion question in MK5. Probably, you know that Liu Kang has been the Mortal Kombat champion since the first MK game. Do you think that it is time for a new champion or do you think that he shall be the champion once again?

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